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42 photography links in this category.
Last Italy.html link added 30-Nov-1999.
Professional Photography World Professional Photography World


Views: 7731

Professional photography directory of and for professional photographers, stylists, hair and make up artists, photo production companies, artist representatives, model agencies, from around the world.
Roberto Bianchi Fotografo Roberto Bianchi Fotografo


Views: 4043

Roberto Bianchi got a diploma of the Academy of the Fine arts " G. B. Cignaroli ", it lives and works on Villafranca of Verona. In 1974 it joins the Photographic Circle Veronese and participates in numerous photographic competitions obtaining flattering affirmations that impose it like one better "bianconeristi" in the view of the amateur photography.
Gabriele Schini Fotografia Gabriele Schini Fotografia


Views: 4471

Gabriele Schini, born in 1967, begins to prove himself in photography in his teens. His great concern for photography’s world brings him to attend many courses, from the dark-room to the shot techniques. At present he still works in traditional way, both with 35 mm and medium size, without neglecting the extremely fast evolution of digital photography.
Gabriele Rigon Photography Gabriele Rigon Photography


Views: 12596

Gabriele Rigon not only get to meet and photograph the world's most beautiful women, but when he not in the studio or on location he fly Chinook and Huey helicopters for the Italian army!
Lorenzo Renzi Photorgaphy Lorenzo Renzi Photorgaphy


Views: 5303

A traveller through enchanting images of women, a world made of beauty, fascination, sensuality, mistery. And there's nothing more misterious than women' soul.
The photographer has to seize what people can't often see when they look at: the photo is an instant- the best one- of an emotion that moves, as fleet as the flutter of a butterfly' wing.
Rarely you have a second chance: look at the photos as they were portraits of unique moments.


Views: 3794

Fashion Photographer Marco Tenaglia, mainly shooting in Roma, Milano, London, New York for international clients.
Photographers in Italy Photographers in Italy


Views: 3392

Photo in Italy
www.stefanooppo.com/ www.stefanooppo.com/


Views: 4111

Stefano Oppo - italian photographers, Milan italy, Italian photographer,advertising,fashion,still life, lifestyle,people,stock,Stefano Oppo fotografo,portrait,corporate,institutional photography,
Alain Merlo Atypical Actor/model Alain Merlo Atypical Actor/model


Views: 3955

Alain Merlo Atypical Actor/model
Giovanni Benintende Giovanni Benintende


Views: 3492

Astronomical Pictures

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