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Last Serbia.html link added 30-Nov-1999.
PHOTOSERBIA - Serbian portal about photography PHOTOSERBIA - Serbian portal about photography


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Photo Serbia is proud to present a unique photo-gallery on life, people and customs in Serbia. Natural beauties, historic and cultural sights, multi-ethnicity, as well as extremely turbulent social and political everyday life, enabled the creation of authentic photos overflowing with brutal, intimidating, and yet fascinating tension captured in our photos. On the other hand, in a country with an extremely traumatic political history over the past decade, specific ethnos remained intact: the ethnos of the people who, struggling for survival, succeeded to preserve the authenticity of their soul, customs and national being, creating a plentitude of striking portraits in rural and almost forgotten environments, which spiritual wealth and beauty remained undiscovered. Our photo-gallery unites this dualism and is the work of a few of the most eminent Serbian photographers.
Radenkovic, Bogdan / photography Radenkovic, Bogdan / photography


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Landscapes from Serbia mountains and conceptual photography by Bogdan Radenkovic.

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