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nude art photography by Łukasz Gurdak
nude art photography by Łukasz Gurdak
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URL: www.lukaszgurdak.com
Description: Łukasz Gurdak - nude art photography

My name is Łukasz Gurdak. I was born in 1984 in Poland. Photography is my passion.

I take my pictures either in house conditions, with use of a reflex camera and simple lighting devices (such as flashbulbs, halogen), or in the open air –then I use natural light. Favourite topics: NUDE, PORTRAIT and GLAMOUR.

I am eager to start co-operation with publishing companies, modeling and ad agencies etc.

Please enjoy watching my photos gallery.
Category: Professional Photographers site
Keywords: lukaszgurdak nude nude art artphotography
Country: Poland
City: Mielec
Date Submitted: 2009-10-11
Views: 2893
Clicks: 501
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